By the way, I’ve cancelled my US subscription and set up shop at Argent Dawn EU.

Ambea, Tauren druid. A wholly new experience. First, the damn timezones “lag” is gone. The first evening of play in Mulgore I was wondering whether my video card was broken, until I realized I was witnessing night fall. Oh right, none of that -6hrs shit anymore! Very good.

Then there are so many people. Again, playing in the same timezone as everyone else is really making a difference.

And then the Battlegrounds. I had the opportunity to enter Warsong Gulch once during my time on Argent Dawn US, Alliance side. First of all, timezones. Then the Alliance/Horde ratio. It always felt like there were like 10 Alliance people per 1 Horde player, which made finding an enemy BGs group somewhat hard.

EU + Horde side == BG every time I want. w00t!

Anyways, gimme a shout if you’re around.

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