The gerbil's on fire

2-days shopping spree in order to get dressed for next weekend, where two of our friends are celebrating their wedding.

I just remembered how much I hate buying clothes. It’s not that I don’t find anything at all, but I get angry by looking at price tags. A jeans for €189? A jeans? WTF? Is the part where my package is held laced with platinum? It’d better be.

Anyways, after visiting the usual suspects (Esprit, H&M, a number of local men outfitters etc.) I’ve ended up with a nice combination, new shoes and a few new pieces of leg plate armor jeans.

I’ve decided our friends need no gift anymore. I spent roughly half a day hunting down clothing in order to look good at their wedding weekend, and by the gods, this must count for something, right? That’s the greatest gift of all, right? :P

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann