Weekend WoW roundup

So, let’s see…

DING – Graun reached season 50!

Then I’ve had a very nice conversation with a human priest or warrior (?) named Ptalaphose about the future of the Alliance.

I met a friendly Night Elf priest named Avaa which in Felwood. Our paths happened to cross a few times again. A overly pleasant lass. She invited me to run a few Zul’Farrak errands together with her and a few of her friends. We had a blast. It was a very nice group, two lvl60, two Gahz’rilla Scale Armor. Lucky me.

Oh, and I’ve even travelled to Aldrassil and bribed a few younglings to help me start my own guild. Which already has another member, an aspiring young Elven druid named Yule.

Later on I’ve convinced those tunnel-dwelling Furbolgs to let me pass from Felwood to Winterspring and Moonglade. Ah, Moonglade… I’ve never been there, can you imagine? I’m playing almost since release day, and I had no idea.

All in all it was a rather nice WoW weekend. Lots of casual and even a bit of not-so-casual roleplaying. It’s amazing how much difference well-formed sentences and in-character conversations can make. That’s why I love Argent Dawn.

It’s quite nice to have the feeling of not being surrounded by 12-year-olds (“OMGLOLZRUGAYWTF”) — unless the Blackrock server goes down again and Ironforge is overrun by profane Gnome warriors. Which reminds me: I’ve reported about a dozen of those since they were making quite a ruckus on Saturday, heavily spamming the chat channels, yelling profanities, cussing at Argent Dawn citizens. Less than 12 hours later I’ve got an email from Blizzard support: they are taking actions against those players. Now that’s nice, isn’t it? Apparently I wasn’t the only one the kids’ve ticked off. I’ve no problems with PvP people using RP servers, for PvP is an integral part of the game, but people with the clear intention of gameplay disruption need punishment.

Anyways… if you happen to run around on Argent Dawn, drop me a line some time, I’d appreciate it. Also, if you’re unaffiliated and like cunning head wear, the Fancy Hat Brigade will be there for you.

(That probably sounds like I’ve done nothing but playing WoW the whole weekend, but interestingly enough, that wasn’t the case.)

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