Mature Irish Men Making Music In Munich

We had tickets for the U2 concert here in Munich last night, and we had a blast. Great concert. Bono saved the World two times, I think. :) Unsorted impressions: too much rain (1.5 hours, we were soaking wet), Keane as warming-up band, I stood in line for beer for 45 damn minutes, public transportation was overloaded (‘twas like Woodstock without the music), nice symbolic slogan (“CoeXisT”), too frickin’ loud.

Seriously, too loud.

Admitted, the U2 boys are a tad older than us, and older people tend to have bad hearing, but we had protective earplugs put in, and only then it was manageable – so, no. Too loud. My ears still feel like they’re under slight pressure.

Other than that: 2 hours of solid U2 goodness. Woooooo! :)

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