On Visiting IKEA

So, we went to IKEA today, to buy a simple picture frame. When we left, we had bought this:


In all fairness – we were eyeing it for about a year by now… and until one month ago, it cost €789. Then they lowered the price to €599. When we went there today the price tag said €299. We never had a chance, they got us.

It’s 2.15m long (that’s ~613 feet or something, metric is so much better), real leather, and damn comfy. They deliver it on Thursday, and with any luck, I’ll be getting Halo 2 the same day, so that’ll probably the best day in my life, right after my wedding day. And the day I had good sex for the first time. And the day I… oh, you probably don’t wanna know anyways.

I tell you, IKEA is the epitome of Dark Force. I loathe it for their skillful marketing abilities, and I totally envy it for the same thing. Unbelievable. There wasn’t ONE single IKEA visit yet where we didn’t leave with much more crap than we had planned to buy. This place is customer Dantooine.

Anyways, looking forward to Thursday.

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann