Management blogs, #2

By now I’m thoroughly depressed when I think about our aforementioned management blogs. Today I had to learn a few things:

  1. There were no new comments on the blog entry.
  2. There was no new blog entry, not even a small one mentioning the staff meeting where the blog was explained.
  3. The staff meeting where the blog was explained was a real h00t since the two managers (our vice and one of his quality management managers) were opposing themselves to a great deal. When the staff was discussing the why and how of the blog, the vice picked up his phone, listened to his mailbox, told everyone he had to go now and left.
  4. I was told that one of the assistents is compiling a weekly digest of the blog comments made because they don’t have the time to read them. She’s supposed to extract the “most valuable comments/opinions”.

I am aware that our vice CEO is incredibly busy and his job with the whole quality management isn’t the easiest and most rewarding task. Subconciously, tho, I think we’re fucked already.

I’ve decided to keep my mouth shut for the next two weeks and watch the whole thing from a quiet corner.

I’ll keep you posted.

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