Growing up as a coder

Writing software is getting harder and harder. The more you learn, the harder it gets. It’s not about the code (as Drew noticed earlier – his article got me thinking quite a bit, actually), it’s about the mind, the architecture, the wish to do things well right from the start.

I’m there. While I was hammering down rather silly but working PHP code for as it stands today, I’m advancing much more careful in my development of the new version. Serenity (the codename for v2) is one big construction site, and even tho everything is progressing rather nicely, I always have the feeling to forget something, a particular thought, that - once I’ve overlooked it - could bring the whole thing down later on.

It’s probably nonsense, but still, the nagging feeling is there.

Other than that, I’m slowly getting there. Python is a charm to work with, and my tools of the trade are Komodo, SQLObject, ElementTree and PyTextile. I’ve written a SettingParser module to not have to write every settings page by hand (does the rendering of the pages, the validation of the single settings and input fields, as well as the user level authentification, all controlled by a description XML file), I’ve tightened security/privacy on an user model level (i.e. there’s even less chance anyone but you will see your private entries), you can already make and edit entries, the registration/login etc. are built in, user levels (as in free accounts, premium accounts, moderators, admins etc.)… there’s a lot of stuff done in its basic form, and I think I got a good foundation to further develop the site.

As I’ve said, I’m slowly getting there. (Emphasis on “slowly”.)

Anyways, I felt like utilizing my screen capture utility today, so here are some early shots of Serenity.

Back to work.

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