What the fuck is wrong with them?!

What the fuck is wrong with them?!

So, our little scooter is broken, the lights burn out every 10 klicks. It’s less than a year old, so this problem should be a warranty case. I bring the scooter to the damn shop, and they refuse to answer my hypothetical “warranty yes/no” question. Fine, okay, they don’t want to answer that question as long as they don’t know what’s wrong. I can relate.

That was two days ago.

Yesterday I call them, asking whether they’re done or not - I need the scooter back.

them: “Ain’t done yet, we had to order a part.”

me: “Ah, I see. So I’ll be able to pick it up tomorrow then?”

them: “We’ll call you.”

me: “You’ll call me when you know whether I can pick it up tomorrow?”

them: “No, we’ll call you when it’s done.”

me: “Umm, I’d rather know whether you can make it tomorrow or not.”

them: “We’ll call you when it’s done.”

me: “But I need to know, I have to plan my day.” (It’s true, since it’s a pain in the ass to get there.)

them: “Well, I can’t tell.”

me: “…”

At that point I was rather pissed. So, I’ve just called them again.

me: “Hi, I wanted to ask about my Scooter.”

them: “What was it again?”

me: names scooter type and the problem

them: “Ah. Yes, the part wasn’t shipped here.”

me: “So, I can’t pick it up today?”

them: “If I get it in time, you can pick it up later today.”

me: “Great, can you call me when you know?”

them: “I’ll call you when it’s done.”

me: “I have to know up front so I know what bus to take. I’m not going to drive out there just to learn it ain’t done yet.”

them: “Hmmm… well, I don’t know.”

me: “Tell you what, I’ll call again in two hours to see whether you got the part or not.”

them: “Hmm. Well, yeah, sure.”

It’s the last time I had a machine there, I swear. The stupid thing is that the only reason I brought the scooter there was because we bought it there (back then they were much friendlier and supportive) and I thought the warranty thing would be easier there.


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