Work follow-up

Little follow-up to my last work post – now I am comfortable with giving away details.

So, we got the new boss, restructuring the tech/server/CMS department and our web/production department. So far, so good. Luckily, “restructuring” (in this case) doesn’t mean “lay-offs”; instead, a few new people are coming aboard. The departments are getting reordered big time, they are actually trying to introduce a higher degree of structure, people are shuffled around and so on.

In the end, we don’t have the two aforementioned departments but two new ones named “IT Services” and “Multimedia Service” (yes, it had to be english again, even tho it doesn’t necessarily make sense, but hey) sporting two or three subdivisions each. Part of IT Services is one completely new “Application Development” division… and I’m the leader holding the very fate of four doomed men in my hands, with Morn being one of my new beehatches taking care of a team of five guys.

Well, “tadaaaa” and stuff. :)

Apparently my vicious fight for the long overdue introduction of a versioning system, long overdue documentation requirements, long overdue workflow change as well as my stunningly good looks and witty remarks finally paid off. Well, maybe it was just the versioning and workflow stuff. Anyways, so next week we’re moving desks to our new offices (same floor, no really big deal). Of course there’ll be a four-to-eight weeks period of handing over jobs, knowledge and responsibilities to others, but after that, the daily business on a customer basis should be gone, and we should be working on a broader scale, consolidating our weak and shattered efforts to write good applications. I think our new team is a capable bunch, and I’m looking forward working with them. Well, I don’t want to bother you with the gory details; probably doesn’t make much sense if you’re not part of the company.

I’m not sure yet what kind of team leader I’m going to be. I’m still undecided. The despotic, ruthless leader with the iron fist? The evil mastermind with the cat? Nah, I think working on a rather democratic basis is the best idea. Learning from the all bad examples around me how not to do it is a good idea, methinks. ;)

On the downside: I’m not sharing an office with my dear fem co-worker S. anymore, which always meant hijinks. Also, the company is pulling the “Great Company Card of Motivation” on me, which translates into “probably more work, more responsibility, same pay”. The usual. When will they ever learn? Also, my old department is going to be crushed under the workload since they’ve transferred pretty much 50% of us to the other department. Smart move.

Still, I have new responsibilities, a new field of work and I think we’re on the brink of revolution regarding the way we do our work. We’re about to propel the development facet of this company into the 21st century… or at least the late 20th century. :P

Gives me some of my long-lost energy back. We’ll see how long it can last.

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