I hereby proclaim the new official term to describe the casting show / petridish cloning boy/girl band “music”:


“Prosti” as in “prostitutes”, “pop” as in “pop music”. It’s not that far fetched if you think about it. They want fame and money now, without much work (face it, kids… one or two months in a “talent camp” is nothing compared to a life full of devotion and hard work), they are willing to sell their soul as well as their bodies/looks (as in “they’re just puppets, Jim”) for media coverage, and they are fine with the idea to not have old friends as band members but complete strangers.

Thus, I think they qualify as prostitutes.

They might not do the producers, but if you are willing to sign 20-year contracts (!) just to become yet another no-talent ass-clown on national TV then you’re either desperate or an idiot or both.

What do you think?

PS: I also proclaim the term “YANTASCONT” (“yet another no-talent ass-clown on national TV”) to be a valid new media buzzword. PPS: Spread the word, stop the ProstiPoppers.

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann