Changes ahead

Big restructuring is going on in the office. For the first time in two- and-a-half years I have the feeling we’re moving. I’m not fully sure yet it’s forward we’re going to - at least not in the short run; in the long term, we probably are, yes. (There are still a couple of people we need to get rid of before we can get up to full speed, I think.)

So, yesterday was the weirdest day so far. Apparently I’ve accidently impressed my boss to some degree with my research/debating/apps/work I’ve done since he started a couple of weeks ago, because now that the new structure was introduced, I was offered a key position. Talk about falling up the ladder, even if it’s just one or two steps.

I’m not really comfortable going into more details yet, tho.

Interesting times ahead, it seems. I refuse getting all too excited; I am working in this company too long to know that hopes are way too easy to crush.

I’ll keep you posted, assuming you care.

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