I’m a Bloglines user for, what, exactly 4 months by now, and it just crossed my mind that it is more or less my central one-stop website. I read my daily news with Bloglines, I read my blog subscriptions with Bloglines, I read most of my comics with Bloglines, I read my geek/programming news with Bloglines, I read my gaming news with Bloglines.

And best of all, I can do it everywhere I have a browser with web access, and I don’t have to read anything twice or to install. I’d even pay a monthly fee for it, that’s how useful it is to me. Not that there is a monthly fee.

It’s a great trend, most sites already offer RSS feeds, and the ones which are not are often easily scraped (think of it as bootleg copies) - heck, there are even free automated services to do the full-site-to-RSS conversion for you.

For me, email is like the sun setting after a long day. It was a good day, but it’s about to be over. RSS is the sun at dawn of the next day. Bloglines is the horse I ride on towards that dawning horizon. :)

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann