Textile 2 beta - PHP class version

I’ve been toying around with Dean Allen’s mui funky Textile for a while by now, and finally, as I’m approaching a certain state of development in G-Blog.net v2, I think I have a use for it. It’ll most likely be the formatting gizmo of choice for the next version of this very site.

Anyways, while the original version 2.0 beta is great, it’s somewhat annoying to have as part of an object-oriented framework, since this version is basically just a number of functions. The code is good, but the frame that’s holding it isn’t. So I’ve took the liberty of refactoring (kind of) the code into a PHP class which can easily be used in an OO context. I didn’t add to its original feature set, I’ve merely restructured the whole thing a bit.

How to use it:

  • Example: get XHTML from a given Textile-markup string ($givenstring)
  •    $textile =& new Textile();
  •    print $textile->TextileThis($givenstring);
  • Example: get Textile-markup from a given XHTML string ($givenstring)
  • Please note: This method is still work in progress.
  •    $textile =& new Textile();
  •    print $textile->DeTextileThis($givenstring);

So, without further ado: On to the Textile 2.0 beta class version!

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann