My big “semi-sister” accepted an honest proposal made to her by her boyfriend. In short, they’ll get married. Congrats, my dear Susi. I’m so glad you finally got your ass up, Andreas. ;) I already thought I’d see her implode with excitement over this relationship before you were able to ask her, hehe.

This reminds me that my baby sister and her boyfriend decided to get married a while ago as well. I was totally sure I’ve posted this here already, but apparently I didn’t. Damn you, my weak mind! Anyways, my “real” sister is getting married, too. Which I suspected to happen for the last three or four years already… turns out I’ve foreseen the future once again. ;) So, belated congratulations to you, too, Claudia! And Tino, of course!

Man, next year is gonna be wedding’ish to the max. Funk!

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann