Good night, little baby

A breakthru for mankind: I’m writing this entry using my lap. Well, the iBook sitting on my lap, to be precise. I love this thing. (The iBook.) Great piece of hardware, definitely a keeper. Which, of course, is directly connected to the rather hefty price tag. Then again, it was a breeze to set up and connect to the Internet, too, and it’s a rather pleasant experience alltogether after all so far.

How to connect an iBook to a (Windows) LAN:

  1. Plug in LAN cable.
  2. Use the network properties to either use the “automatic connection type guessing gizmo” or simply enter the wanted IP address.
  3. Done.

Whaddaya know, that’s it. No hassle, no reboots, just workie. I start to believe the Apple marketing department didn’t lie after all. ;)

Oh, and speaking of gizmos… this baby is oozing style and gizmos and style gizmos. For example, when you close the iBook, it’ll enter sleep mode. How do you see it’s in sleep mode? There’s a little soft light on it, and it’s pulsating in the same frequency as a baby asleep. I love it. :)

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Carlo Zottmann @czottmann