Contraceptives for the men among us

An implanted male hormonal contraceptive is now being tested.

It works in much the same way as its female counterpart, which uses the hormones estrogen and progestin to shut off the release of eggs to prevent pregnancy. In the male version, testosterone and progestin are used to turn off sperm production.

“The hormones work by suppressing the production of two other hormones from the brain – LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone),” said Dr. Christina Wang, professor at Harbor-UCLA Research & Education Institute."

Very cool. About time, I’d say. And I’m saying that because I am a male. I like to have more options in this field, really.

BTW, am I the only one finding it funny that the researcher who was interviewed bears the name “Wang”? (Yeah, probably too much Penny Arcade on my mind at the moment… I apologize. Still, it’s funny IMHO.)

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