Morning Coffee Notes

Just got an internal job opening in my office mailbox. Looks like my boss is leaving the company. Now wouldn’t that be nice I he would’ve told us face-to- face… we (the department and he) had an excellent relationship, until we were moved around - and he got a separate office in another part of the building. Things went downhill from there. Did he lose “contact with the base”? I don’t know.

It’s not that he’s leaving, hell no. Everyone has to find the right space for her-/himself, but it’d be nice I wouldn’t learn it from a frickin' “internal job opening” mail.

In other notes: my throat is sore and Dana asked me to explain some algebra to her in the evening. I’ve forgotten almost everything algebra myself (been a long time since I learned it in school), so I gotta teach myself before I’ll be able to explain anything. Heh.

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