@goodneighbors Hello back from Munich! 🖖🏻

@rom I did that, a long time ago. Also, thanks to the magic of NextDNS, none of my devices have an idea what Facebook is, meaning as far as my devices are concerned, there are no Facebook servers.

@vincent Brace for impact, tho. Calibre is as powerful as it is ugly and willing to fight you over its UI/UX ideas. 😉

There's another tool called DeDRM for stripping DRM from books you've bought. Using it in conjunction with Calibre is a good combo because then you can convert your books as you see fit, and you're not bound to a particular reading device anymore.

@brucegodin I hope he'll gets though this, the poor fellow /s

@mistercritter That is ace. And beautiful to boot!

@jeroensangers I thought that trial is just about random-name throwaway accounts...?

@mistercritter The bathroom situation would be a problem, indeed. I love dogs but cleaning up behind them all day long... I already have a day job, you know. 😏

@maique Don't despair just yet, there might be hope… 😏 Take a look at parrotgeek.com/bigsur/, it's a compatibility list of Big Sur on unsupported Macs; it looks like yours is on there.

@maique Whoa, that is not bad. Old Reliable, eh? ;)

@maique What Air model do you have?

@maique @mistercritter Heh. I like cats, they can be nice, but their indifference bugs me out. 😉 I prefer big dogs because they're usually loving and chill AF!

@mistercritter I think Germany as a whole takes that plague a bit more serious than some other countries, for whatever reasons. It's still front and center in the news.

@mistercritter I ran my own blogging site (with user accounts) in the very early 2000s, and since then fell in and out of love with blogging over and over and over. It's not like I've been cranking out posts on a daily basis since then... 😏

@vincent Rock on! 🖖🏻

@macgenie Thank you!

@manton Thank you!

@macgenie When I try to follow @carlo@zottmann.org (i.e., my M.b account) from Mastodon, it seems a follow request is made from my mastodon.social account to my account here (see screenshot) — is there a place on M.b where I can see those and allow/deny them?

@maique I saw your follow-up, all good. :) I had my own masto.host instance a while back but you're right about the cost, I wasn't using it nearly enough. The $5/month are better invested in this here account, I think. It provides more value to me than a vanity Mastodon address. :)

@odd Consistency is key

@maique Yeah, that's cool, I hadn't noticed that yet! 🤪 It's triggered by a URL parameter, it seems, remote_follow=1. Here's your: https://micro.blog/maique?remote_follow=1

On Mastodon I just linked @carlo@zottmann.org (my canonical address over here) but I'm pretty certain @czottmann@micro.blog would've worked as well.

@mistercritter ST:Disco did nothing for me, sadly. It had a few interesting ideas and characters but the whole thing was too much Marvel and not enough TNG for me personally. (I'm more of a Picard man, myself.)

But say, was there ever an explanation for the hard stylistic change of the Klingons? Not that I ever was a big fan of the "KISS Army" clothing style of TNG Klingons, I'm just referring to the change in facial features.

@czottmann I should really start to proof-read my replies before hitting "Post". I apologize for the weird use of quotes, among other things. I can and should do better. (I blame the weather.)

@joelhamill You're right! Hmm. I'm getting errors when I try to log on w/ a token — I tried to get a sense whether others have the same problem. Oh well.

@vincent Thanks for your work, and your answer, both are appreciated! :) Nothing wrong with opinionated, apps that try to appeal to everyone might end up not appealing to anyone.

My main suggestion is that when I tap (or double-tap) one of the tab bar icons, the app should go to the main page of that section. Example: I go into "Mentions", and drill down into a conversation, I would expect another tap on "Mentions" to bring me back to the list of mentions (i.e., to "lift me" out of that convo).

Additionally, if I go into a convo in "Mentions", then head on over to "Timeline", and then return to "Mentions" by tap on its icon, I end up in the previously selected convo again. I'd expect to see the overview of that section, though.

Makes sense?

@joelhamill Thank you! Yes, that's what I'm using currently but it's having a few ideas about how the UI should work that I don't share. ;) Also, it sometimes feels somewhat slow to update, like the interface is waiting for some job working in the background and I find it irritating.

Otherwise it is quite polished, indeed.