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@lukemperez They solve a different purpose. A VPN like Tunnel Bear is a good idea to secure your network traffic while out and about, but a VPN as such will neither prevent tracking by Google and ad providers nor stop intrusive ads. NextDNS is not a VPN and does the latter two.

In case you're not familiar with DNS as concept (if you are, please skip this paragraph): the DNS (Domain Name System) is used to resolve domain names like or to a numeric server address (e.g., → Between your hitting the Return key after entering a link address and the successful connection is the browser querying a DNS server for the numeric server address for the link you've just entered.

NextDNS is a service to provide this information but the beauty is that they allow selective blocking in the process. Take my example above: I told NextDNS that I don't want Facebook at all so when a browser is asking for a FB address (website, tracking, ads, whathaveyou), NextDNS simply says "no idea", and the request ends right there. And they have huge lists of tracking and ad services readily available. (Check their website for a selection.) So you basically just tell your router or device to use NextDNS for DNS lookups, and in your NextDNS account you specify what should be blacklisted, and that's it. Next time the device needs to lookup a domain name, NextDNS will take care of the rest.

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